Monday, March 27, 2006

Family and Friends - Ties that Bind or Blind....

For many transplanted LA residents, friends become family. But is blood still thicker than water?

Not necessarily - a friend family member here became family of my family. In a recent fall out, my friend family spewed our private disagreement, with lots of added drama and not so perfect details, all over my family - now, for many, that would be a no, no. Family member's can fight amongst themselves, say some horrible things, but in the end....well, they're your family. God forbid anyone else would say those things....right? Not always, blood can thin out to water - misery can love company. Juicy gossip? It can be a yummy temptation that's oh so hard to resist.

There's something to be said about the sacred bonding of family members. Family units, no matter how they're created, should be sacred places of trust and saftey. Your family should be the ones with the courage to say things to your face, not behind your back. Families watch your back.

"Like a sister" is very different than a sister. "Like a family" is very different matter how a family comes together and is created, the main ingredients remain the same - love, respect, love, trust, love, protection, love,, and the ability to accept people for who they are.....and still love them.


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