Monday, March 27, 2006

Consumer Beware

Many homeowners hire licensed contractor's thinking they will be getting safe, reliable and expert help in building in accordance with Los Angeles Building Department specifications. Not always true. While there are many respectable, honest contractors, they can be harder to find. A Silver Lake resident had a licensed Silver Lake Contractor/Landscaper working on his home. This contractor walked off the job, didn't return phone calls, didn't return money and built a structure without requried permits. He's also involved with a partner in a different business in the area.

Remember, get everything in writing, check insurance and liability, check references, the Better Business Bureau and the Contractors Association. Ask for an actual business address, too many use PO Boxes. Keep to a pay schedule and check liability for undocumented workers who get hurt on the job. Sadly, many of the workers that we rely on get hurt and don't get medical attention. Some contractors list no employees and therefore don't have the same insurance requirements as those who protect their employees and consumers.

Get what you pay for and don't get burned.


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