Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Parking in Los Angeles....NO! Not in my lot!

My friends, along with the Film Maker's Alliance are having a fundraiser this Saturday night, March 25 in Echo Park starting at 7pm. This event is to raise money for a friend with cancer and no health insurance. (visit our site www.thedavisproject.com) In order to raise a significant amount of money we've invited 300 people. Now, where do they all park? That's been one of our hardest tasks to accomplish. People have been so generous and have donated money, time, goods, services - thank you...Yet,no one could or would help out with parking. We asked schools in the neighborhood whose lots are empty on the weekend and who let many events and organizations use their lots (these are not free, you have to pay and it's a set amount - we had no problem with this), they said no. The local Library said no (again, we offered to pay...) We asked drug stores with large lots, supermaket's with large lots - no, not there. We tried city metered lots (again, offered to pay....) and no not there....so where to?

After all the no's we were thrilled when the wonderful folks at Dodger Stadium said yes.......Everyone at the Davis Project wants to say a huge thank you to Dodger Stadium and their team for "stepping up to the plate" when no one else would. THANK YOU SUSAN WONG! There are more Dodger fans in LA because of their gracious generosity. Thank you to everyone at Eric Garcetti's office who also went the extra mile to help fill the need. Eric, Kabira, Shane, Roberto.....thank you for all you do, all you've done and all you continue to do!!!!!!!!! You do make a difference in the lives of other's.

It's amazing how much we can do when we share, are community minded and work together.


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