Saturday, March 18, 2006

From Silver Lake to Silver Screen

What do Anthony Scarpa, Tom Camarda, Susan Campbell, Kyle Ingleman, Joey Gibson and Kate Clarke have in common? They all live in Silver Lake and they've collaborated on the film "Grace" to be shown at the Silver Lake Film Festival, March 25 and March 28 at the Arc Light. You'll recognize the location of "Grace" too, most of the principal photography took place right here in Silver Lake! For a peek at the trailer go to and for more info on the Silver Lake Film Festival visit

Director, Anthony Scarpa, who won the Audience Award at the 2003 Silver Lake Film Festival with “Betty Blowtorch And Her Amazing True Life Adventures” (Cinema
Libre April 2006) returns to the festival with his haunting feature “Grace“. Scarpa teams with cinematographer Tom Camarda (Transamerica) in his narrative debut.
"Grace" is loosely based on Scarpa’s own life experiences and the events leading up to his sister’s death. It's a moving portrayal of a family coming to terms with a fatal disease and of a brother and sister who depend on each other to find strength. As Gabby remains stoic in the final stages of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), her family crumbles into infighting and reproach, demonstrating that it is truly easier to blame others than to accept the random nature of terminal illness. “Grace” is a raw, emotional journey that is both heartfelt and stirring.

The film will screen at the Arclight Cinemas on Saturday, March 25 9:30 PM
and on Tuesday, March 28 at 5:45 PM. The Arclight Cinemas are located at
6360 W. Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028. Tickets are $10.00 (general
public) and $9.00 (Arclight members). Ticket information at 323-464-1478.


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