Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Help 5 year old Fyn

Fyn Jules Corcoran Stec was diagnosed with a form of liver cancer called hepatoblastoma. Fyn is almost 5 years old, has a small obsession with super heroes, Spider Man in particular. Fyn has a little brother named Felix and a whole lot of people that love him. His family and friends are having a silent auction to help raise money. Please visit his site: http://www.fynstec.com/index.html

Sunday, April 09, 2006

$18.00 Can Make A Difference!

"18 is the Hebrew number representing Life and Health....so....here's to Life and Health for everyone you'll be walking for."

My wonderful friend Carol sent that note along with her donation. It says it all - join us in the fight for continued Life and Health. Partner with the Daddio Girl's....please....go to:

Friday, April 07, 2006

Join The Daddio Girl's and Fight Breast Cancer

Embrace the women in your life and remember those we have sadly lost. Once again, The Daddio Girl's will be part of the 13th Annual Revlon Run/Walk For Women.

The Daddio Girl's are helping in the fight against Breast Cancer. Wanna be part of the Daddio Girl's Team?? You can join Team Daddio Girl's by visiting:

You must register by April 21st to be part of our Daddio Girl's Team - Come share the joy, the triumph, the pain and the memory of the women and men who have lost their fight against this horrific disease.

If you'd like to contribute visit:


Your donation is needed and appreciated!!!

Together, we CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!